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Friday, 20 October 2017

FM LICENCE APPLICATION For The Waterlooville Area

Martin Kirby Tells the Story
We are still working on our FM Community Radio Licence application for the Waterlooville area, and had a set back when a forecast coverage map showed poor coverage from my suggested TX site at The Centurion. Myself and Mark Wiseman went hunting for new possible locations and Waterlooville Library stuck out as the best option. I have been in discussion with Hampshire County Council and we now have provisional permission to add the library to our FM application. As you can see from the pics we managed to obtain access to the hatch on to the roof so we could take a look. Ash has already produced a Forecast coverage map from the library and it would give great coverage of Waterlooville, Leigh Park and even the Emsworth area.
I must say a big thank you to Ash Elford for all his help with the licence application. He has submitted a fair few successful applications to Ofcom. I have literally been supplying the information he requires and I am presently working on our key commitments. I must thank Alan Beech for all his help, enthusiasm and time, and a couple of Angel's within our team who volunteered a majority of the application fee as extra donations. It is best for me to let them identify themselves but I am truly thankful as we would not have had this opportunity without their support. Mark Wiseman kindly prepared a very impressive document with all his great photo's to highlight our achievements and give proof, and Iain Lynch kindly offered his limited spare time to create useful contacts and gather statistics. 
19th October - The £600 non refundable FM application fee was paid.
24th October - The application must be completed and reach Ofcom by 6pm at the latest.
We expect to wait 3 months before we hear if we have been successful or not, and probably a further 3 months before we are ready to launch.

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