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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

New Presenter Alert and A Fantastic GIG

The flash would like to once again welcome a new presenter JAMES CRUTTENDEN

 Here's the post on Facebook:
SOUTH COAST CREATIONS' Yes it's that time of the month. Our monthly programme celebrating the creative talents of local songwriters is back this week and with a new presenter sitting in for Rob Hyslop. New Flash presenter James Cruttenden will be at the controls for this edition and as the main man behind this weekends 'Rock Against Racism' festival, you can expect to hear lots about it and the bands taking part. Tune in this Thursday 28th September at 11.00pm, with a repeat on Friday at 6.00pm

Friday, 22 September 2017

Against the Tide EXTRACT - The Paul Groovie Show

Please take a look at this fantastic video featuring our very own Paul Groovy.
an extract that covers his Flash show taken from Matt Tillers documentary that he has made for his degree course at Portsmouth Uni(a small part from a 3 hour interview filmed at The Wedgewood Rooms in the summer.

Don't Forget to Check out the Full Video and Story From Matt Tillers Documentary


We'd like to be on FM and you can Help

The Flash have been promoting the talents of local musicians and singer/songwriters and local music venues for over 5 years now via our internet stream and DAB radio. We have now been given the opportunity to apply for a Community Radio licence to serve the Greater Waterlooville area on FM and have just a few weeks to submit an application. Please help us by writing letters of support and sending them to us via the following address as soon as you can -
Whether you are a local artist or band who have had your music spotlighted by our station, or one of the many live music venues that we promote through our Local Live Music gig Guide each week, then please write in and express your thoughts on the service we provide and how you feel an FM licence from us could help the local music scene.
 Please do not send letters directly to Ofcom however, and please make it an old fashioned letter, even though it is less convenient than a Facebook message or e-mail.
We are also looking for support from local councillors in the Waterlooville area so please put a good word in if in contact with any local contacts of this kind.
Such a licence would not affect our present DAB or internet services in any way, as these outlets will always be important to us.
Even though we already have a very healthy audience on our present platforms, this licence could help put The Flash on the map and will enable us to achieve so much more for the communities that we have already been serving for the last 5+ years.
I thank you so much in advance for your letters and please Wish us luck!  MARTIN KIRBY

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Introducing our Latest ON AIR Recruit - NICK HAINES

This Is Nick Haines, yet another great addition to the station.

Here's what Nick has to say:

Radio has provided the soundtrack to much of my life.
Born in Germany in 1959, the BBC's World Service and British Forces Radio informed my world with Gilbert & Sullivan, Flanders & Swan, The Navy Lark and the Clitheroe Kid.

Radio listening of my own choice started in the late sixties with Ed Stewart's Junior Choice show on Saturday mornings featuring Bernard Cribbins, Charlie Drake and Terry Scott singing songs about Shifting Pianos and Digging Holes, became essential listening.

Between 1971 and 1975 I strained to get reception of Radio Luxembourg on my tiny transistor radio under the blankets at night, and at school on Tuesday lunchtimes I listened intently to Radio One's chart rundown, desperate to hear if my personal hero Gary Glitter had triumphed over the rival Bowie, Bay City Rollers, Slade and T.Rex factions.

After 1975 I forsook the charts and radio and sought more adult listening, relying on the music press and friends' opinions for guidance. This lead to some dreadful mistakes and a record collection containing hugely embarrassing progressive rock.
By 1976 I had almost fallen out of love with music since nothing I heard inspired.
Television and radio pumped out blandness by day and numbingly tedious rock by night.

More through luck than judgement I encountered the punk phenomenon at an embryonic stage.
I was inspired to not only start to listen to new bands again, but to form a band myself.
Radio One's John Peel was an established figure on the radio with his show Perfumed Garden, but he too concentrated on progressive rock. Peel latched onto the burgeoning punk scene and in early 1977 declared that his show would no longer be a 'rock'n'roll mausoleum'.
From that point the Peel show focused on the new music that was emerging from around the country. Peel's championing of punk still left room for esoteric tracks by the likes of Drummers of Burundi, Gamalayan Music From Bali and poet/storyteller Ivor Cutler.
Peel's laid back enthusiasm was infectious, his huge knowledge an education to many.

By 1980 I found employment within the music industry in Scotland, initially with the Cartel indie distribution network, then Virgin Retail.
Being surrounded by music all day at work, I tended to seek respite from it during the evenings so my interest in radio waned.

Now in 2017 I've been asked to present a show for The Flash and agreed to give it a go.
I've called it Cross Tracking.
Peel's ethos is certainly an influence, but these are different times and initially I'll be trawling through the dark recesses of my record collection and scouring the charity shops for tracks that you may not have heard for some time, or perhaps not at all.
Hopefully I'll also be featuring interesting unsigned local bands too, but that's up to the bands as much as me.
I hope you find the music interesting, try to forgive the bloke chuntering between tracks.
He means well.