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Monday, 20 November 2017

There's been an Invasion of Angels in the Studio

We must say a big thank you to Colin and Lesley from Angel Radio for visiting our studio and presenting a brilliant 2 hour show this lunchtime. They featured their favourite tracks from the seventies and shared the memories attached to them.  You can find Lesley and Colin on regular slots on Angel Radio

Friday, 17 November 2017

Equipment Problems Nearly take the Station off Air

During the drive-time show mid-week the CD Player Console decided it no longer wanted to perform for The Magnificent Jonothan C and left him with 1 player out of 2 !
After the LIVE show Martin Kirby (Station Manager) set to work replacing the Console with a spare which was thought to be in good order, this proved not to be the case when the replacement unit gave Chris Rogers the Runaround on drive-time.

All of the Presenters at THE FLASH have a free run to play what that wish that fits in with the stations Mission Statement Where Real Music LIVEs!
Its predominantly a Rock and Blues station which also puts a huge focus on Local Artists, groups and Music in general.
Local Events, schools, Libraries and Community run associations have an opportunity to advertise on live programs.
The average age of the presenters is in the late 50's and all concern bring in their personal collection of CD's and on Occasions Vinyl., without a functioning CD player which is the main media player in the studio it was decided that many of the live programs would have to be responded until a replacement unit could be found.
THE FLASH is a not for profit community station and the running cost is funded entirely by the presenters themselves and a small amount of Business advertising income, often we have a generous donation from listeners, with this in mind a small thing you may say as a CD player shouldn't be a problem, but as mentioned with funds low the cost of £350 for a new unit was just not possible.
Not having spare equipment for a second studio to call upon has always been a concern and on this Occasion without that, there was nothing to full back on !!

Well Christmas CAME EARLY :) 
Here is Martins Quote from Facebook:
I would like to sincerely thank a very kind supporter of The Flash (Who wishes to be anonymous) for donating a brand new twin CD unit for our studio. Unlike our old machine, this one will also play re-writable CD's and even mp3's by plugging in a memory stick. It is set up for use (Thanks to Mark Wiseman who was in the studio for his double act with Chris).  Once again an act of true kindness has kept us going!"

The Flash Wishes to THANK the person/persons very much for their kind Donation.
If you would like to get involved or help with a small donation, contact the station at

The Flash Continues to ROCK

Here is The Stations New Shinny Player

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The Space Rats Have Landed

I must say a big thank you to fellow Space Rats Mandie, Phil and Dee for popping in yesterday evening on The Magnificent Jonathan C show to tell us about their weekly Wednesday evening Ukulele Jam at Leigh Park Community and their Artscape charity. They even performed a couple of Ukulele numbers for us. We did have a few problems with our CD player packing up but thankfully the brilliant live music saved the day!
Contact these fantastic guys at the email address below:

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Special Guests Talk Drums

Andy Connell and Kev Fiford FFR came into the studio for a 2 hour special on Remembrance Sunday.  The Guys are what the flash would like to now consider as OUR GUIDE to drums, Kev is a mountain of Knowledge on Drums and himself has played for many Years, Andy id a Professional drumer and Teacher and together with his Brother form the CONNELL BROTHERS. It ended up being a great deal of fun and an informative show about many drummers both current and past. Mark Wiseman was at the controls to keep the pair of them in Line lol.

All agreed that it should be pencilled in again for another time later in the new year.

 Andy and his brother Lorne hope to pop into the studio in the not to distance future to tell us all about the Connell Brothers as a band and hopefully they will be bringing some Special members of the Group with them to entertain us LIVE on  Air. Keep watching the Flash Facebook page for updates on their appearance.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Gary Pressman In The Studio

It was great to have local musician & songwriter Gary Pressman on air this evening to chat about the important part music has played in his life, his friendship with Ringo Starr in his younger days and his life on safari. 

He also gave us excellent live performances of his music. We also met his other half Michelle Pressman who by the way is very interested in joining The Flash team.
A big thank you to Chris Rogers for being the perfect host for our guests once again!
Here are some pics from this evening, and one of a young Gary alongside some geezer who woz in The Beatles.
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