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Friday, 13 October 2017

WHAT !!!!!! I here you say? The Flash is Going all a Bit Modern !

The Flash is not stuck in the Past as many believe it to be, for a while now the presenters have been bringing not just great classic music from the 60's to the late 90's but often bringing you the best in what's fresh in the REAL MUSIC WORLD.What do we mean by REAL MUSIC, well it about actual instruments and Talent that's not solely created on a computer in the studio, I'm sure the Beatles and even Pink Floyd would have loved the technology we have in the 21st century when they were first experimenting but i'm sure the real instruments would have been the REAL stars of the show.

As you all know The Flash have a partnership with Park Community School in Havant and have exciting plans to involve students in our station. The Flash has always been proud to bring you the very best in classic rock and blues but you will notice that we now also include other genres with in our new 'Real Music' banner. As part of our expansion as a community radio station we would now like to become more accessible to a younger audience in addition to our current older listeners. We will be seeking feedback and advice from the school's students on how we can do this as well as offering them a monthly show of their own.
This process starts NOW with the launch of regular features spotlighting the best rock songs of today. These 'Fast Forward To 2017' spots will be heard hourly during The Flash Jukebox from now on. We look forward to any suggested tracks or bands for this feature, and especially from our younger listeners.

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