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Thursday, 14 December 2017

The Flash Team Get together Dec 2017

Its been such a busy time for the team at the studio this year there has hardly been a minute to have a get together for a chat. Well its Christmas so it has to be done. Some of the team met up at The Red Lion Hotel in Cosham for a couple of drinks and a good old natter, Listeners and Friends were welcome and it gave them an opportunity to meet the team. A Local Artist Terrence Perring came along and we will be playing some of his music in the New year. The Team wishes all its listeners and supporters all the very best for Christmas and The New Year

This has been a very good year for The Flash, with us moving out of our rather basic portacabin base at The Curlew and into a more homely, spacious and professional studio home at The Apex Centre. I must thank Mark Ringwood for putting us in contact with Park Community School, and Richard Setford and Mark Wiseman for all the work preparing our rooms and setting up the studio. Mark Wiseman deserves a special thank you for his continued kindness, always looking for ways to make our time at the studio more comfortable, and setting up equipment to make it easier for us to produce our shows.
Thanks to our good friend Ash Elford we also gained the opportunity to apply for an FM community radio licence to serve the greater Waterlooville area, although we will need to keep our fingers crossed for a few months yet in the hope that we are successful in our application.
None of this would have been possible without your dedication towards this project and very kind monthly donations, which have given us the financial stability to be able to spread our wings. I an extremely proud of our achievements so far and humbled by the actions taken by members of our team to improve things and keep us on air.
The new year is looking bright for The Flash as we face new opportunities, but these will also bring new challenges. I still need to delegate different parts of the operation to others, so will be advertising for a Community Liaison Officer, and a secretary.
I will be encouraging all presenters to present their programmes live so we can involve our listeners more, increase the opportunity for live guests, and be more current by promoting community events and reacting to things happening that day. 
I realise this will be a learning curve for some presenters but I would like to start increasing our live output early in 2018 so everyone is settled in live slots by mid-summer and ready for the hopeful FM launch.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Special Guest John Roberts in the studio

Today was a special one for The Flash because Chris Rogers was joined by John Roberts, the drummer with The Blockheads . They have a brilliant new album out and a local gig on the cards for Februay at the spring arts Centre Havant.

Here is a Piece from the Blockheads website
John started playing the drums at the age of 12 after joining various bands he started playing pro gigs when he was just 14 which took him all over the world. In 1995 John studied at the Musicians Institute London which was run by Denise Roudette. There he received tuition from drummers such as Bernard Purdie and Thomas Lang.
In 1997 John landed his first proper gig being the house drummer on the Channel 5 ‘The Mag’ (in the UK).
In 2001 he was invited to play a few shows for the Blockheads and he has remained a regular player for them ever since.
John has been in demand as a session drummer and perfomer he has appeared with acts such as Wilko Johnson, Wreckless Eric, Suggs, Cathy Denis, Dr and The Medics, 911, North and South, John Otway and Bryn Howarth.
John also teaches drums in a couple of prestigious independent Schools including Bedales in Hampshire as well as privately tutoring many pro drummers.

The Flash - Where Real Music LIVEs!
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on TUNEIN as 'The Flash On Air', or viawww.theflashonair.co.uk

Monday, 20 November 2017

There's been an Invasion of Angels in the Studio

We must say a big thank you to Colin and Lesley from Angel Radio for visiting our studio and presenting a brilliant 2 hour show this lunchtime. They featured their favourite tracks from the seventies and shared the memories attached to them.  You can find Lesley and Colin on regular slots on Angel Radio

Friday, 17 November 2017

Equipment Problems Nearly take the Station off Air

During the drive-time show mid-week the CD Player Console decided it no longer wanted to perform for The Magnificent Jonothan C and left him with 1 player out of 2 !
After the LIVE show Martin Kirby (Station Manager) set to work replacing the Console with a spare which was thought to be in good order, this proved not to be the case when the replacement unit gave Chris Rogers the Runaround on drive-time.

All of the Presenters at THE FLASH have a free run to play what that wish that fits in with the stations Mission Statement Where Real Music LIVEs!
Its predominantly a Rock and Blues station which also puts a huge focus on Local Artists, groups and Music in general.
Local Events, schools, Libraries and Community run associations have an opportunity to advertise on live programs.
The average age of the presenters is in the late 50's and all concern bring in their personal collection of CD's and on Occasions Vinyl., without a functioning CD player which is the main media player in the studio it was decided that many of the live programs would have to be responded until a replacement unit could be found.
THE FLASH is a not for profit community station and the running cost is funded entirely by the presenters themselves and a small amount of Business advertising income, often we have a generous donation from listeners, with this in mind a small thing you may say as a CD player shouldn't be a problem, but as mentioned with funds low the cost of £350 for a new unit was just not possible.
Not having spare equipment for a second studio to call upon has always been a concern and on this Occasion without that, there was nothing to full back on !!

Well Christmas CAME EARLY :) 
Here is Martins Quote from Facebook:
I would like to sincerely thank a very kind supporter of The Flash (Who wishes to be anonymous) for donating a brand new twin CD unit for our studio. Unlike our old machine, this one will also play re-writable CD's and even mp3's by plugging in a memory stick. It is set up for use (Thanks to Mark Wiseman who was in the studio for his double act with Chris).  Once again an act of true kindness has kept us going!"

The Flash Wishes to THANK the person/persons very much for their kind Donation.
If you would like to get involved or help with a small donation, contact the station at

The Flash Continues to ROCK

Here is The Stations New Shinny Player

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The Space Rats Have Landed

I must say a big thank you to fellow Space Rats Mandie, Phil and Dee for popping in yesterday evening on The Magnificent Jonathan C show to tell us about their weekly Wednesday evening Ukulele Jam at Leigh Park Community and their Artscape charity. They even performed a couple of Ukulele numbers for us. We did have a few problems with our CD player packing up but thankfully the brilliant live music saved the day!
Contact these fantastic guys at the email address below:

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Special Guests Talk Drums

Andy Connell and Kev Fiford FFR came into the studio for a 2 hour special on Remembrance Sunday.  The Guys are what the flash would like to now consider as OUR GUIDE to drums, Kev is a mountain of Knowledge on Drums and himself has played for many Years, Andy id a Professional drumer and Teacher and together with his Brother form the CONNELL BROTHERS. It ended up being a great deal of fun and an informative show about many drummers both current and past. Mark Wiseman was at the controls to keep the pair of them in Line lol.

All agreed that it should be pencilled in again for another time later in the new year.

 Andy and his brother Lorne hope to pop into the studio in the not to distance future to tell us all about the Connell Brothers as a band and hopefully they will be bringing some Special members of the Group with them to entertain us LIVE on  Air. Keep watching the Flash Facebook page for updates on their appearance.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Gary Pressman In The Studio

It was great to have local musician & songwriter Gary Pressman on air this evening to chat about the important part music has played in his life, his friendship with Ringo Starr in his younger days and his life on safari. 

He also gave us excellent live performances of his music. We also met his other half Michelle Pressman who by the way is very interested in joining The Flash team.
A big thank you to Chris Rogers for being the perfect host for our guests once again!
Here are some pics from this evening, and one of a young Gary alongside some geezer who woz in The Beatles.
The Flash - Where Real Music LIVEs!
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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

JILL STEMBRIDGE It's Been 4 years

We are very Proud today that our ne and one Female Presenter Jill Stembridge has reached a mile stone at the Station, she has Today been presenting for 4 years.
Her hour show on Wednesday Evenings from 6pm, is just purely magical, she brings new material to the table every week, Old And New and pleases the ears of our listeners with not only great music but informative chat.
Jill is a real Character and travels the local area discovering Local artists and returns a full report to our Facebook page which often includes a video or two.

Happy 4th year Jill, the station and Listeners LUV YA x

Jill's Profile from our Website www.theflashonair.co.uk


Jill is a great asset to us here at The Flash and is a firm believer in the value of vinyl and will play it whenever the opportunity arises, she has a large collection which will be got out and aired and of course played for yourselves.

Originally from Farnborough Kent, then South London, Jill finally settled on Hayling Island a few years ago and has always gone to and supports  music venues both local and away to keep up with her favourites old and new as, in her own words "there are so many talented musicians everywhere".

The School gains a few extra Centimetres

This morning I joined Big Alan and Ash on the roof of the main building at Park Community School to give some assistance in the setting up of the new DAB aerial that will be used to boost the coverage of the whole multiplex to the Leigh Park and Havant areas. We owe thanks to Alan and Ash for all the help and hard work that they are putting in to support us. Out of interest if you zoom in on the last photo you will recognise 'The Hub' building which is on the roundabout at the end of Dunsbury Way, just around the corner from our studio. As you see we will get a great DAB signal at the studio when this system is up and running.

There is still a lot of work for Alan to do before it all goes live. The transmission equipment needs setting up in the room below the hatch, then Alan will be working with the school's IT department to sort out an internet feed from Fort Widley. 

Finally the Fort Widley and Park School signals need to be sequenced so they can work together in areas where both signals are receivable at the same time, rather than cancel each other out.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

FM Licence application SENT

The Flash would like to confirm that our application for a Community Radio licence to serve the greater Waterlooville area on FM has now been received by Ofcom, along with the £600.00 non refundable application fee.

 We would like to say a special thank you to everybody who helped and supported us with this application, and the whole Flash family for being such stars. We will probably have to wait around 3 months to hear if we have been successful, and if we are then the job of preparing ourselves for a launch will probably also take at least 3 months. Please now keep your fingers crossed for us and just think of it, we could be broadcasting on FM with a full community licence from early next summer.


Friday, 20 October 2017

FM LICENCE APPLICATION For The Waterlooville Area

Martin Kirby Tells the Story
We are still working on our FM Community Radio Licence application for the Waterlooville area, and had a set back when a forecast coverage map showed poor coverage from my suggested TX site at The Centurion. Myself and Mark Wiseman went hunting for new possible locations and Waterlooville Library stuck out as the best option. I have been in discussion with Hampshire County Council and we now have provisional permission to add the library to our FM application. As you can see from the pics we managed to obtain access to the hatch on to the roof so we could take a look. Ash has already produced a Forecast coverage map from the library and it would give great coverage of Waterlooville, Leigh Park and even the Emsworth area.
I must say a big thank you to Ash Elford for all his help with the licence application. He has submitted a fair few successful applications to Ofcom. I have literally been supplying the information he requires and I am presently working on our key commitments. I must thank Alan Beech for all his help, enthusiasm and time, and a couple of Angel's within our team who volunteered a majority of the application fee as extra donations. It is best for me to let them identify themselves but I am truly thankful as we would not have had this opportunity without their support. Mark Wiseman kindly prepared a very impressive document with all his great photo's to highlight our achievements and give proof, and Iain Lynch kindly offered his limited spare time to create useful contacts and gather statistics. 
19th October - The £600 non refundable FM application fee was paid.
24th October - The application must be completed and reach Ofcom by 6pm at the latest.
We expect to wait 3 months before we hear if we have been successful or not, and probably a further 3 months before we are ready to launch.

DAB RELAY Moving along Nicely

I can announce that Ofcom have given us the go ahead to operate a 5 watt DAB transmitter from the roof of Park Community School to improve coverage for Leigh Park and parts of Havant. We have located a good room to house the transmitter and Alan discussed a suitable position on the roof to attach the transmission aerial with the School's Facilities Manager Nigel Pritchard. If all goes well this could be on air early in November.

 No re-tuning will be required as car radio's will simply switch from the Fort Widley signal to the signal from Park School as you approach the area in your car.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Guest in the studio Sheryl Ann Andrews

Sheryl popped into the studio to record a small 40 second promo to raise awareness of two charities Southern Domestic Abuse Service and Square Pegs
You can find out for about these at the links below:



Now what actually happened, Martin Kirby (Station Manager) twisted Sheryl's arm and put her directly LIVE on air to the listeners. Chris Rogers was in the middle of the usual weekday drive time show from 4pm till 6pm (Jonathan Copeland on a Wednesday) and was happy to throw Sheryl in at the deep end. She gave not only us at the studio but the greater public and worldwide listeners an insight to her involvement with the charities and how she has been raising money for these great causes.

Please give what you can to her just giving page
Sheryl Ann Andrews JUST GIVING PAGE
Sheryl came across fantastic on Air, a real natural. Lets see how the 40 second promo turns out.
Keep listening to the Flash

Sheryl is a very busy lady, amongst other things she has also written a book which she will be passing some of the money made from sales to the charities.
You can get a copy from
Manage Your Critic

We at the Flash wish her all the best of luck and hope to give you the listeners an update soon.

Friday, 13 October 2017

WHAT !!!!!! I here you say? The Flash is Going all a Bit Modern !

The Flash is not stuck in the Past as many believe it to be, for a while now the presenters have been bringing not just great classic music from the 60's to the late 90's but often bringing you the best in what's fresh in the REAL MUSIC WORLD.What do we mean by REAL MUSIC, well it about actual instruments and Talent that's not solely created on a computer in the studio, I'm sure the Beatles and even Pink Floyd would have loved the technology we have in the 21st century when they were first experimenting but i'm sure the real instruments would have been the REAL stars of the show.

As you all know The Flash have a partnership with Park Community School in Havant and have exciting plans to involve students in our station. The Flash has always been proud to bring you the very best in classic rock and blues but you will notice that we now also include other genres with in our new 'Real Music' banner. As part of our expansion as a community radio station we would now like to become more accessible to a younger audience in addition to our current older listeners. We will be seeking feedback and advice from the school's students on how we can do this as well as offering them a monthly show of their own.
This process starts NOW with the launch of regular features spotlighting the best rock songs of today. These 'Fast Forward To 2017' spots will be heard hourly during The Flash Jukebox from now on. We look forward to any suggested tracks or bands for this feature, and especially from our younger listeners.

Sunday, 8 October 2017


A Lovely Message from Andy Connell inviting the Flash team over to watch them perform at The Mettricks Guildhall in Southampton as Guests, Thank you to Andy and Lorne for that.

Wow what an evening of True REAL MUSIC.
The Connell brothers bring together just the best of the best in the local Music scene and Invite Guest Singers to bring the audience vocals that astound, Ashya Roberts, Izzi Moulsdale, Robert Phillips, Emily Rose Ireland and Jean-Luc Ramdin.

Just an Amazing Line Up

Ashya Roberts With Lorne Connell On keys. What A beautiful song FALLING By Olivia Newton John, written By John Farrer (Marvin, Welch and Farrer) Yes The Shadows for part of the 70's.This song has 45 progressive chord changes, never repeated throughout the Song, so a massively difficult song to Sing and Layout from memory on the Keys. This is Amazing and the audience loved every moment of it
The Fantastic Tom James on Guitar at The Connell Brothers Gig The Mettricks Guildhall
You Know when you have to let it Rock Out, this is how its Done. WOW Check out the Connell Brothers and Izzi on Vocals
Take a Listen To Jean-Luc Ramdin on Vocals to this classic By Led Zepp. I'm sure Andy Connell Said he was Only 12 years Old WOW, he was infact 18 or so LOL

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

New Presenter Alert and A Fantastic GIG

The flash would like to once again welcome a new presenter JAMES CRUTTENDEN

 Here's the post on Facebook:
SOUTH COAST CREATIONS' Yes it's that time of the month. Our monthly programme celebrating the creative talents of local songwriters is back this week and with a new presenter sitting in for Rob Hyslop. New Flash presenter James Cruttenden will be at the controls for this edition and as the main man behind this weekends 'Rock Against Racism' festival, you can expect to hear lots about it and the bands taking part. Tune in this Thursday 28th September at 11.00pm, with a repeat on Friday at 6.00pm

Friday, 22 September 2017

Against the Tide EXTRACT - The Paul Groovie Show

Please take a look at this fantastic video featuring our very own Paul Groovy.
an extract that covers his Flash show taken from Matt Tillers documentary that he has made for his degree course at Portsmouth Uni(a small part from a 3 hour interview filmed at The Wedgewood Rooms in the summer.

Don't Forget to Check out the Full Video and Story From Matt Tillers Documentary


We'd like to be on FM and you can Help

The Flash have been promoting the talents of local musicians and singer/songwriters and local music venues for over 5 years now via our internet stream and DAB radio. We have now been given the opportunity to apply for a Community Radio licence to serve the Greater Waterlooville area on FM and have just a few weeks to submit an application. Please help us by writing letters of support and sending them to us via the following address as soon as you can -
Whether you are a local artist or band who have had your music spotlighted by our station, or one of the many live music venues that we promote through our Local Live Music gig Guide each week, then please write in and express your thoughts on the service we provide and how you feel an FM licence from us could help the local music scene.
 Please do not send letters directly to Ofcom however, and please make it an old fashioned letter, even though it is less convenient than a Facebook message or e-mail.
We are also looking for support from local councillors in the Waterlooville area so please put a good word in if in contact with any local contacts of this kind.
Such a licence would not affect our present DAB or internet services in any way, as these outlets will always be important to us.
Even though we already have a very healthy audience on our present platforms, this licence could help put The Flash on the map and will enable us to achieve so much more for the communities that we have already been serving for the last 5+ years.
I thank you so much in advance for your letters and please Wish us luck!  MARTIN KIRBY

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Introducing our Latest ON AIR Recruit - NICK HAINES

This Is Nick Haines, yet another great addition to the station.

Here's what Nick has to say:

Radio has provided the soundtrack to much of my life.
Born in Germany in 1959, the BBC's World Service and British Forces Radio informed my world with Gilbert & Sullivan, Flanders & Swan, The Navy Lark and the Clitheroe Kid.

Radio listening of my own choice started in the late sixties with Ed Stewart's Junior Choice show on Saturday mornings featuring Bernard Cribbins, Charlie Drake and Terry Scott singing songs about Shifting Pianos and Digging Holes, became essential listening.

Between 1971 and 1975 I strained to get reception of Radio Luxembourg on my tiny transistor radio under the blankets at night, and at school on Tuesday lunchtimes I listened intently to Radio One's chart rundown, desperate to hear if my personal hero Gary Glitter had triumphed over the rival Bowie, Bay City Rollers, Slade and T.Rex factions.

After 1975 I forsook the charts and radio and sought more adult listening, relying on the music press and friends' opinions for guidance. This lead to some dreadful mistakes and a record collection containing hugely embarrassing progressive rock.
By 1976 I had almost fallen out of love with music since nothing I heard inspired.
Television and radio pumped out blandness by day and numbingly tedious rock by night.

More through luck than judgement I encountered the punk phenomenon at an embryonic stage.
I was inspired to not only start to listen to new bands again, but to form a band myself.
Radio One's John Peel was an established figure on the radio with his show Perfumed Garden, but he too concentrated on progressive rock. Peel latched onto the burgeoning punk scene and in early 1977 declared that his show would no longer be a 'rock'n'roll mausoleum'.
From that point the Peel show focused on the new music that was emerging from around the country. Peel's championing of punk still left room for esoteric tracks by the likes of Drummers of Burundi, Gamalayan Music From Bali and poet/storyteller Ivor Cutler.
Peel's laid back enthusiasm was infectious, his huge knowledge an education to many.

By 1980 I found employment within the music industry in Scotland, initially with the Cartel indie distribution network, then Virgin Retail.
Being surrounded by music all day at work, I tended to seek respite from it during the evenings so my interest in radio waned.

Now in 2017 I've been asked to present a show for The Flash and agreed to give it a go.
I've called it Cross Tracking.
Peel's ethos is certainly an influence, but these are different times and initially I'll be trawling through the dark recesses of my record collection and scouring the charity shops for tracks that you may not have heard for some time, or perhaps not at all.
Hopefully I'll also be featuring interesting unsigned local bands too, but that's up to the bands as much as me.
I hope you find the music interesting, try to forgive the bloke chuntering between tracks.
He means well.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Solent TV Exposure - Big Thanks To James Pearce

The Studio had a visit from SOLENT TV a community TV station based at Highbury College.
James Pearce popped into The FLASH a couple of Mondays ago during Derek Pearce's Monday Meltdown Show and took the opportunity to Interview Martin Kirby the Station Manager.
Martin gave us a little insight into the Partnership with Park Community school.

 As from September the FLASH RADIO will be working more closely with the school, the pupils. will have the opportunity to get more involved with a REAL radio station.
The Flash Broadcasts on DAB to the Havant and Portsmouth area and streams its Rock based music around the world. More importantly THE FLASH keeps the local public up to date with Music and Charity events as a FREE service.

Take a moment to catch the interview on YOUTUBE

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Mark Handley in the Studio

Mark Handley popped into the studio to entertain us and give the listeners a real treat.
Marks new album has landed  MARK HANDLEY & THE BONE IDOLS GREATEST HATS. A play on words really. Mark admits himself that he's never had a greatest HIT, but we all know and so does his audience of followers that everyone of his amazing songs is a HIT.

Mark was off to the Wickham festival on the Friday and we wish him and the Bone Idols all the very best,we are sure that he and the band will rock

Here's a Live track that Mark performed in the studio for us

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

WOW Brian Nash of Frankie Goes to Hollywood Fame

Brian Popped into the Studio and gave us a fantastic interview headed up by Chris Rogers.
Brian was promoting his new Album 432-1 Open the vein.
He gave us a brilliant incite into his life as as a true Rock star and legend of the 80's Rock and pop scene.

Brian Even Kindly Signed Mark wiseman's copy of

Thursday, 6 July 2017

New Presenter Alert Welcome to John Price

I had a pleasant evening on Wednesday assisting Mr John Price as he recorded his pilot show for our radio station. John lives in Southsea and is the second member of the local band 'Strange Brew' to join our team. Once settled in he will be presenting a regular series called 'Rollin' And Tumblin'. You can hear his pilot show this Sunday at 4.00pm, with a repeat on Monday 10th July at 10.00pm.

Guest Artist in the studio Jaimie O'Byrne

Jaimie is a local Solo singing Artist from Southsea Portsmouth.
She popped into the studio for a chat and a couple of Notes on the Vocals  www.jaimieobyrne.co.uk.
Look out for her on the Popular local Music Circle, one not to be missed

Monday, 26 June 2017

Please Welcome Harriet Cope

You may have heard this young lady reading the weather and gig guide during The Chris Rogers Drive Time Experience, well now she will be taking to the airwaves with her own show. Harriet is an arts and media student at the University Of Westminster and is spending time with us over the summer. Her first show for The Flash will be a Festivals Special and will be broadcast this Friday 30th June at 6.00pm, and again on Sunday at 4.00pm.
The Flash - Where Real Music LIVEs!
Find us on DAB+ to the greater Portsmouth area,
on TUNEIN as 'The Flash On Air', or via www.theflashonair.co.uk'.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Welcome A New Presenter GRAHAM ANDREWS

Today we officially welcome Graham Andrews to The Flash team. He will be on air at 4.00pm today with the first edition of 'Breakaway Blues'.

Saturday, 17 June 2017


Some of The Flash Presenters helped to get the Summer Music off to a great start in Gosport
Appearances from Our Own Presenters
Martin Kirby
Paul Groove
Pete Crew
Jonathan Copeland